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Searider Inc for over 35 years has been dedicated to the advancement of High Performance Marine Endeavors.

Most recently Searider Inc has focused its efforts to improve the contribution of Small Business R&D efforts in support of future marine requirements. For the past five years Searider Inc. has specialized in the support of the Navy's Small Business Innovative Research Program through the continuing development and support of administrative management and contracting preparation databases. This endeavor has also included quality control and auditing of incoming data.

Searider Inc. initiated the development of the Navy's SBIR Program Management Database for Web Based program oversight. Since it's adoption by the Navy in 2000, Searider Inc has continued to support its development, implementation and application throughout the Navy.

This effort, has led to several expanded Database development efforts to support new and evolving government requirements.


Searider has designed and supported the development of SES, ACVs, Hydrofoils, Catamarans and Planing Boats. We specialize in Sail and Power Yachts, High Speed Ferries, Fishing Vessels and Advanced Military Combatants from 1970 -2000.


Searider also provided Engineering Analysis, Computer Aided Design, and Technology Development support to US Government Agencies and Commercial Enterprises worldwide from 1998-2004.


Searider Inc is located at:


10300 Bushman Dr. Unit 101

Oakton, Va. 22124


(703) 281-0186